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Medical Treatment — Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claims

Receiving Medical Treatment For A Workplace Injury? — Our Experienced Workers Comp Lawyer Will Help Get The Best Care Possible For Your Injuries. Trust Jason B. Going To Fight For The Medical Treatment You Deserve.

Generally, employees who pursue a workers’ compensation claim will undergo medical treatment at some point, possibly for a long time. The benefit of working for an organization in Illinois is that employers are required to carry insurance for employees. The insurance exists to provide compensation — in the form of medical treatment and weekly disability payments — to the employee or their beneficiary in the event of injury or death. The problem is… There can be some roadblocks along the way when getting these benefits. Both your employer and the insurance adjuster will have to approve your claim. An employer may be hesitant to support a claim for fears of their insurance rates increasing, and the insurance adjusters’ #1 goal is to pay as little as possible for the claim. This could be robbing you of the GOOD medical treatment that you deserve. If you or a loved one is receiving medical treatment for a workplace injury, contact our office. After sustaining an injury while performing your job, you expect to be taken care of. But that’s not always the case. A lawyer will work diligently to calculate the TOTAL cost of your injuries to ensure you’re getting what you’re entitled to and getting what you need to make a FULL recovery. Trust our team to fight for justice for you or your loved ones — Schedule a free consultation today.

What Exactly Is “Reasonable and Necessary” Treatment?

If you’ve ever filed a workers’ comp claim, you may have heard the term “reasonable and necessary” in regards to your treatment plan. It’s a rather ambiguous way for insurance companies to cover your medical treatment. This term is dangerous – because the understanding of what is “reasonable or necessary” is almost certain to differ between doctors, lawyers, and insurance adjusters. It opens a door for insurers to provide the lowest level of acceptable care (frequently less than that.) When your doctor is treating you, they will write a letter of medical necessity to have sent to your insurers. This document outlines your diagnosis, and the doctor recommended medical treatment. It also outlines the expected duration of the treatment, which is needed to help determine how long you will be entitled to your benefits. If the insurance company or employer disagrees with the claim or the suggested course of treatment, they can require the claimant to be seen by an independent medical practitioner. If the claim can still not be resolved, it will go to the Workers’ Compensation Commission for arbitration. If you are not satisfied with your medical treatment, call a lawyer (it’s free). They can guide you on your path to physical recovery and financial compensation.

Finding The Best Belleville Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

The lawyer you hire for your workers’ compensation claim can have a HUGE impact on your family’s financial future. You need to find a lawyer that will provide aggressive representation for you. Look for a law firm that always starts your case with a free evaluation and is available 24/7 to meet any client’s unique needs. The best Workers’ Compensation lawyers will only charge for their services once you are successfully awarded compensation.


Choosing a lawyer to fight for your rights and help you get the deserved compensation is an important decision. The Law Office of Jason B Going is experienced and proven when it comes to workers’ compensation cases, and they will give you the best chance at a favorable outcome in your case. If you have sustained injury or illness in the workplace, we can help get you the best medical treatment possible for your claim. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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In a lot of cases, yes. The insurance company will require access to your medical records in order to support (and prove) your claim. The insurance agents will be looking for any evidence in your past medical history to indicate your symptoms pre-existed your injury.

You can, but it’s not always the best idea. Depending on the nature of your injuries and the type of treatment you are receiving, it’s best to wait until you’ve neared the end of your treatment; or have reached the maximum medical improvement (MMI). Once you’ve got that point, it’s a lot easier to predict how your injuries will impact your life and calculate a more accurate settlement.

If your workers’ compensation insurance is not fulfilling its duties and arrange for adequate medical treatment, you may need to get a lawyer involved. Insurance adjusters work with the focus to pay you as little as possible, and often the first offer is not good enough. A lawyer can assist with gathering evidence connecting the workplace to your injury and accurately calculate the total cost of your injury.

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