What Is A Personal Injury Rating?


Injured in the Workplace? We Can Help With Your Injury Rating — Our Experienced Belleville Workers Compensation Attorney will help you Pursue the Compensation you Deserve. Serious injuries occur in workplaces all across the country, each and every day. These accidents have the potential to put an individual out of work for weeks, months, or years (even indefinitely). So what happens when an injured victim needs to return to work and they’re unable to? They begin filing an insurance claim. Fortunately, ALL businesses in Illinois that employ people must have workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. The next step is getting the insurance company and your employer to agree with your claim. It’s quite common for an employer or the insurance company to dispute a claim. There’s often difficulty determining the severity of the injury or the individual’s ability to return to work. An individual may state they are unable to return to their previous job duties; meanwhile, their employer claims that they can still work and does not qualify for any sort of disability benefits. This is where the injury rating scale becomes very important. This will provide the factual documentation of your injuries you need to support your claim. A physician can produce a workers’ compensation disability rating for you. This rating will only be assigned once the physician has determined that the employee has reached the “maximum medical improvement,” meaning their condition isn’t likely to improve much more than it already has. If their complete functional ability hasn’t been restored to normal at this time, the physician will designate a disability rating. If you or a loved one has been injured in the workplace, call our office. Injuries in the workplace can be expensive. Medical bills, medications, missed time from work, these costs can be devastating to a family trying to keep a roof over their heads. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will work diligently to calculate the TOTAL cost of your injuries to ensure you’re getting what you’re entitled to and getting what you need to make a FULL recovery. Work with a lawyer that is well versed in all areas of Workers Compensation in Belleville, including denied benefits, death claims, and medical treatment. Trust our team to fight for justice for you or your loved ones. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation – Available 24/7.

What can a Belleville workers comp attorney do for me?

Once you’ve been injured and are considering filing a workers comp claim for your injuries, you should contact a lawyer for the best advice moving forward. Even if your employer agrees with your claim, there’s still the insurance company to deal with (whose job is to pay out as little as possible). We don’t just want your claim to be approved. We want you to get the maximum compensation for your injuries. Many victims may never 100% recover from their injuries, so there’s a lot more to factor into your claims than missed time from work. The process for filing and handling these claims can be exhausting, especially for an injured victim stuck in a situation where they are fighting for the benefits they were supposed to be entitled to. As a highly experienced Belleville workers comp, Jason B. Going can help you with:
  • Determining The Cost Of Your Injuries – Jason will work in your best interests to determine what fair and reasonable compensation is for your injuries AND your recovery. This requires assessing the accident, documenting your injuries, working with medical professionals to create a recovery plan, and calculating what you’re entitled to for missing work.
  • Legal Representation & Advocacy – Whether it’s inside of the courtroom, dealing with insurance companies, or the employer, our disability benefits lawyer will professionally and efficiently advocate on your behalf. Anywhere you need legal representation for your case, your lawyer can help.
  • 100% FREE Case Evaluation – If you want to find someone that will take your case as seriously as you do, Jason B. Going will take the time to understand how your injury has truly impacted your family and fight for the compensation you deserve.
We are advocates for injured employees. We help them feel taken care of — Have confidence knowing that we will fight for your disability benefits.

Finding The Best Belleville Workers Comp Attorney

The attorney you hire for your disability benefits claim can have a HUGE impact on your family’s financial future. You need to find a lawyer that will provide aggressive representation for you. Look for a law firm that always starts your case with a free evaluation and is available 24/7 to meet any client’s unique needs. The best Workers’ Compensation lawyers will only charge for their services once you are successfully awarded compensation.


Choosing a workers’ compensation attorney to fight for your rights and help you get the deserved compensation is an important decision. The Law Office of Jason B Going is experienced and proven when it comes to workers’ compensation cases, and they will give you the best chance at a favorable outcome in your case. If you have been injured in the workplace, we can help get you the compensation you truly deserve — Contact us today for a free consultation.

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If you’ve been injured in the workplace, there are disability benefits in place to provide relief for workers while they recover. Depending on the severity of the injury and the benefits you are eligible for, some benefits can cover you for a few weeks of missing work or the rest of your life (permanent disability).

Technically yes. Illinois is considered an “at-will” work state. Meaning as long as it does not violate the law, an employer can fire someone for just about any reason. That being said, an employer CANNOT terminate a worker because they are filing a workers’ comp claim or because they are currently receiving benefits.

If you’re receiving workers’ comp benefits and your employment is terminated or you’ve been laid off, you will typically still continue to receive benefits. Until your doctor approves your return to work, you’ll continue to receive compensation for the injuries that were sustained in your previous employment.

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