I Was Hit By A Car, What Do I Do?

I Was Hit by a Car — What Do I Do?
One of the most significant risks for walkers, runners, or cyclists is cars. As a pedestrian, drivers should be watching out for you. However, accidents happen, and it’s best to always take the necessary precautions to ensure that your walk is as safe as possible. In the unfortunate event that you are hit by a car, you need to be prepared to react quickly to the situation.

Steps of Immediate Action After Getting Hit By A Car

While being hit by a car puts you in an extremely difficult situation, your focus should be placed on remaining calm and getting yourself out of the street if you’re able. Even if there are no visible signs of injury on your body after the altercation, it is essential that you still seek medical assistance. Adrenaline has a way of making you think you are fine, even if you have an underlying injury. Remember, if you are hit by a car, difficult as it may be, your first priorities should be your health and safety. After dealing with these immediate steps of action, you should focus on communicating with the driver of the vehicle, contacting law enforcement officers, and thoroughly documenting your injuries.

Communicate with the Driver

Hopefully, if you are ever hit by a car, the driver of the vehicle is responsible and runs to your aide. However, not all circumstances play out in this manner. If the driver of the vehicle flees the scene, try your best to take note of their license plate. If you are unable to see their license plate yourself, try to flag down any witnesses who may be able to help. Remember, even if the driver flees the scene, it is important for you to stay in the location of the accident and wait for law enforcement. Taking this action will ensure that all official reports can be filed correctly. If the driver of the vehicle does stay at the scene, be sure to communicate with them and get their insurance and contact information right away – try to email this to yourself so you don’t lose track of it.

Contact Law Enforcement Officers

After communicating with the driver, one of you (or someone else at the scene) should immediately contact law enforcement officers. To file an official accident report, the police must be called to the scene of the accident. Calling the police immediately after the accident is essential. Contacting law enforcement hours or days after the accident will not serve you well, as they will no longer be able to help you file an official accident report. Having the official report is essential when filing an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit following the accident.

Carefully Document Your Injuries

After exchanging information with the driver of the vehicle and waiting for law enforcement to arrive, it is important to take the time to document your injuries and the scene. You will most likely have your phone with you, use it to take pictures of the accident scene and any injuries you may have sustained. In situations like these, it is always a good idea to take as many photos of yourself, the car, the road, the street signs, and the traffic lights, and the accident scene as possible. These photos will come in handy when filing an insurance claim or lawsuit if necessary. If you are unable to take these photos yourself, ask a witness to document everything and email it to you right away. Your personal injury lawyer will want to look at the evidence you have.

Consult with an Experienced Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Finally, the most important step to take after being hit by a car is to contact an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer. An experienced pedestrian accident attorney will understand how to file your claim with the insurance company, what information to provide, and will protect you from aggressive insurance companies who are trained to find every reason they can to pay you less than your claim is worth. The sooner you contact a pedestrian accident lawyer following the incident, the better off you will be. Contact us today for a free case review.  

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