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Personal Injury


The Law Office of Jason B. Going represents clients that have been injured in all types of accidents including automobile, bicycle, and ATV, as well as slip and falls, and other injuries due to negligence.  One thing is for sure, the insurance company is not out to pay you top dollar for your injury.  Their adjusters are trained to give you the smallest settlment possible and often times it's an insulting amount considering your injuries. 

If you have questions we have answers.  Don't pass up the opportunity to talk with an attorney about your situation.  If you have been injured please call our office today for a free consultation.



Medical Malpractice


People make mistakes.  It's just that simple.  Usually these errors are easliy corrected and no one suffers as a result.  That's not always true when it's your doctor, nurse, or treatment facilty that makes the mistake.  Unfortunately, it can change a person's life forever and cause untold pain for friends and family. 

If you or a loved one may have suffered as a result of medical malpractice please call our office today for a free consultation.


Traffic Tickets

From speeding in a work zone to running a red light, whether you're caught by a camera or a police officer, these violations can be costly, increase your insurance premiums, and can add up to serious legal problems if you receive additional citations in the future.

Did you know that a second citation for speeding in a work zone within two years can result in your license being suspended for up to 90 days? 

Don't take chances, let us negotiate your charge with the prosecutor's office.  Call today for a free quote.

Criminal Law

Facing criminal charges is a serious matter and you need someone who will aggressively protect your rights and interests.  Don't take chances you will regret later.  Take advantage of a free consultation and call us today.



A DUI/DWI can impact your life in many ways and for a very long time.  You can expect your insurance rates to increase, your job prospects to narrow, and more severe consequences if you're ever convicted again.  Often times just "one more drink" leads to a serious criminal charge that needs to be handled by an attorney who will aggressively represent you.  Call today for a free consultation.

Workers Compensation

If you have been injured on the job you may be eligible to receive benefits from Workers Compensation.  It can be a frustrating and timely process that is cumbersome at best.  You have rights during this process that should be aggresivly protected and benefits that must be demanded.  Call today for a free consultation.

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