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What Are Fraud Charges?

Fraud is the intentional omission or misrepresentation of material that results in injury or damage. Misleading a person to believe you are someone who you are not is fraud. Presenting a check for payment of goods or services when there are no funds in the associated bank account is fraud. Using someone else’s credit card to pay for goods or services is also fraud.

The definition, according to Illinois law, covers a wide scope of crimes and can carry misdemeanor or felony convictions, depending on the circumstances. The crime is taken as a serious break in trust, yet there are many cases when the criminal act is unintentional. If you have been charged with a fraudulent crime, our criminal defense attorney in Belleville can help protect your rights.

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Check Fraud

Check fraud is when you pay for goods or services with a check from an account containing insufficient funds. This can happen a number of ways: kiting checks, floating checks, check forgery, or passing bad checks. No matter what the situation is, our Belleville fraud lawyer can build a defense against the charges.

Some possible defenses against check fraud include:

  • Identity theft, when a name is forged on a check
  • Lack of intent, when you originally intended for the funds to be available and did not intend to defraud
  • Lack of knowledge, when you passed a check and were not aware you had insufficient funds

Computer or Internet Fraud

Computer and internet fraud is becoming very commonplace in the face of expanding technology. Our Belleville criminal defense attorney has experience in constructing defenses against computer and internet crimes such as white collar crimes, computer fraud, identity theft, embezzlement, bank fraud, and solicitation of minors. Jason Going and the legal team at our firm know the laws regarding fraud and understand that every case is unique. We will investigate the evidence from your case and work aggressively to get a favorable outcome.

Debit or Credit Card Fraud

If you have been charged with credit or debit card fraud, the biggest thing to remember is not to talk to anyone without having your attorney present. That’s where Jason Going comes in. He will be by your side through every step of the investigation and trial process, providing you with solid defense against your fraud charges. Jason Going is an experienced trial lawyer who will stand in your corner.

Some crimes that are considered credit or debit card fraud are:

  • Buying or selling a card without consent
  • Defrauding someone using a card
  • Using a revoked, forged, counterfeit, or expired card
  • Intending to transfer, sell, or use a lost card in your possession
  • Falsifying statements to obtain a card

Protecting Your Best Interests with Our Southern Illinois Defense Firm

If you have been charged with fraud, have confidence in our Belleville criminal defense attorney to represent you. Jason Going will give your case the personalized, individual attention it deserves and will treat you with dignity and respect. Your initial consultation is always free.

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